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Initial CLM module execution

Ron Brooks (354) | asked May 01 '19, 4:51 p.m.

 After a server boot or overnight the first user login takes a considerable length of time to receive the login screen.   I want to speed this up.   Is there a way to use a script to cause this initial logon screen to be loaded the first thing in the morning.   I am new to new to Jazz/CLM.   This is a new installation.   Any words of wisdom to help improve the user experience would be appreciated.   CLM 6.0.6, Liberty, modules rm and qm.  Oracle database.

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Valerie Lampkin (913) | answered May 02 '19, 7:58 a.m.

 Just to clarify- you're not shutting the server down every night, are you?  CLM is not designed to be shut down nightly.  I would not expect significant delay for login if the server was running overnight.  

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