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How to Implement Contextual Defect Retest Records

Timothy Distel (73116) | asked Apr 10 '19, 11:20 a.m.
edited Apr 10 '19, 12:44 p.m.

 Hello, I am using CLM Suite 6.0.6.

I currently have a customer request and no idea how to deliver it using the CLM Suite of tools. The customer would like to see retest records for defect work items. A single retest record would consist of a version number (1.3.1), a date (mm/dd/yy), and a result (pass/fail). There would be multiple retest records for a single defect, upwards of 30+. These three different values would be manually entered by testers. The customer requested this be one of the work item attributes or at very least, available to be selected as a query parameter/available to be selected in the column display of an RTC Query.

I do realize I am asking for some way to use a CCM application to display QM data, which has limitations in the context of Jazz. Unfortunately the way test results are generated in our QM environment, there may be up to 5-7 test results for a single test due to testing versioned software on different hardware platforms. These retest records would need to ignore the variable for hardware platforms and give a single result for all test events.

I've investigated using the wiki attribute on defect work items to display a table where each row in the table is a record, and has three columns for each of the 3 different values. This would be a great solution if the text in the wiki attribute were query-able. A way to view this data in one location and query on it would be required. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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