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Possibility to show plan items affected by active defects

Agostino Colussi (367) | asked Dec 14 '12, 11:30 a.m.
In the RTC (3.0.1) eclipse client I defined a simple query to show all plan items that are affected by at least a defect. This query return all plans items affected by a defect independently by the defect status. 
I would create a query to show all plan items affected by active (not resolved) defects and possibly filter by severity also.
Is it possible?

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Joseph Salomone (25613) | answered Dec 18 '12, 6:42 p.m.
I am running RTC 4.0, but I do not think it should be too different.

In team artifacts view,

1) Find your project
2) Expand it
3) Right click work items

4) New->Query
5) Start from scratch
6) In the Conditions tab
7) Click the add button in the top right
8) Add Conditions
9) Check "Show Built-in"
10) Find "Status"
11) Click ok
12) Check "Unresolved"
13) Click the add button in the top right
14) Add Conditions
15) Check "Show links"
16) Find "Affected by Defect"
17) Make sure it says exist
18) In the "Column Display" tab
19) Under Sorting
20) Find "Severity"
21) Add "Severity" to the "Selected sort columns"
22) Click "Run"

Agostino Colussi commented Dec 31 '12, 7:02 a.m.

Hi, thanks for your answer but this is not working as required. Your suggested query returns all the unresolved plan items affected by a defect not the plan items that are affected by active defects. I verified it and plan items that are set as done but with associated active defects are not returned and this is the scenario I want to verify.

Joseph Salomone commented Jan 07 '13, 11:32 a.m.

Sorry, I misunderstood. But one thing I can note about this query is that it returns all the active defects which affect another defect. Therefore you can see the defects you desire by opening up a defect in the query, going to the links tab, and opening up one of the affected by defects.

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Jan Wloka (4161) | answered Jan 08 '13, 3:25 a.m.
Joseph's query is doing almost the right thing for the first part of your question. Just add another condition for "Type" and check "Plan Item" so that your query reads: 

[Type is "Plan Item" AND Status is "Unresolved" AND Affected by Defect "exists"]

We currently do not support reasoning about attributes of linked work items for that link type. I opened an enhancement to track this request Work Item Queries: Support reasoning about attributes of linked work items for CLM link types (246420). Just FYI, to see what's currently possible in RTC I recommend the article Advanced User's Guide to Querying Work Items in Rational Team Concert. In particular the section "Link Queries" should be of interest.

Agostino Colussi commented Jan 08 '13, 5:49 a.m.

Hi Jan,

I used the Type = Plan Item in my query but this doesn't solve the problem, I mean it returns un-resolved plan items are affected by defect(s). 
I need to query plan items (any status) affected by active defects.
The problem is what you did specified in the enhancement request, RTC doesn't support reasoning about attributes of linked work items.

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