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Showing or hiding fields based on Filed Against

Alexa Nafke (4166) | asked Mar 14, 7:54 p.m.


In one project, we have added 22 yes/no questions that indicate whether or not critical changes have gone into the WI changes.  The fields are required to go to Pending Verification or Resolved.  The different pieces of software represented by Filed Against are interdependent so it is not unreasonable to ask all developers to consider all 22 questions.  I am setting up another project for a different group and they want a similar critical item setup.  However, the software in this Project is not very interdependent so questions appropriate for one Filed Against choice are not appropriate for other Filed Against choices.  Is there a way to selectively show fields depending on what has been chosen for Filed Against?  I'd like to offer only those questions that are appropriate for whatever is in Filed Against.  If the Developers have to go through too many irrelevant questions, they are likely to rebel.



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Ralph Schoon (54.7k23641) | answered Mar 15, 3:26 a.m.

 Unfortunately the capabilities to dynamically hide attributes are pretty much missing in RTC. The best I think you can do is to make the attributes dynamically read only. You can write a JavaScript condition that returns true or false for a given category. Use the "'Read-only for condition" precondition to make the attributes read only that the users do not have to fill out. Or as an alternative you can use the "'Required for condition" precondition to indicate the attributes that need to be filled out.

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