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Requirements Analysis and removing duplicate requirements in DOORS NG

Mary Miller (875) | asked Mar 12 '19, 11:15 a.m.

 Good day,

This is question 2 of 3.  I know one of our users wants to be able to automatically remove duplicate requirements found in a DOORS NG module.

This sounds like it is a little different than using reports given reports removes duplicate requirements pulled from multiple locations.

Is there DOORS NG functionality that does this or would I have to create a script to do this?

On a very similar note, I have been considering tools that do requirements analysis.  It seems like tools that do this are harder to find these days.  I am wondering if this is due to people being able to automate this within their respective RMS tools.

My question is does DOORS NG have the ability (or is there an AS-IS script) that evaluates a requirement for vague, weak, subjective words; searches for imperatives, negative imperatives, vague wording, optional language, continuances, directives, and universal quantifiers; searches for consistencies and the use of shall, etc.?  

Thanks again!


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