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Reqpro to DNG import issue

Norman Dignard (356684157) | asked Mar 28 '13, 12:34 p.m.
Running DNG 4.0.1
We are setting up CLM projects that encompasses RTC, RM and QM in JAZZ. We using the out-of the box
templates for project setup, selecting the RM/QM tracking of changes in RTC (aka. ccm)

This basically sets up 5 "projects" our for CM, RM and RM and one each for RM/CM and QM/CM change management. (Why these last 2 is questionable as subject to another discussion.)

When we try to import our Reqpo project data, it creates yet another project area. I know this is stated in the docs however, how do we apply the project template or the change tracking to this new project area and what are the implications?

We want the full CLM/ALM functionality with all changes(work items) being managed in CCM. Importing into a stand-alone project does not get us there so what's the road map to get there?

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Bala Kolla (41) | answered Apr 26 '13, 9:55 a.m.
As far as I know ReqPro doesn't support ReqIf. 
I was looking at the question and want to know what you want to do..
If I understood correctly, you want to import the data from ReqPro project and then use that to integrate with CCM, QM as part of the ALM deployment. If that's the case, I would recommend adding an existing project to the ALM project.. Here is the link to infocenter.. And look for "Adding existing project areas to a lifecycle project".

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Vatsala Ramachandran (12314) | answered Mar 29 '13, 12:29 p.m.
Hi Norman

What version of the web client are you using (I am assuming it is web client, since import of reqif file is supported only via the web client for now)?

Because I am able to create a project based on a template, and then able to import a reqif file into it, although this is not recommended due to the clutter this may lead you into (Refer to the article about reqif import -->

So, you can create your project based on whatever templates you require to and still import a reqif file


Norman Dignard commented Apr 02 '13, 9:36 a.m.

We're running 4.0.1.   As for the Reqpro to DNG migration - we used the "import from reqpro" option in the web interface, no reqif. Users with admin rights can execute it but like I said it goes into a standalone RM project area, not into an existing area.

Does Reqpro support reqif?  we're at of reqpro.

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