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Links between DOORS and DOORS NG and/or RQM with GC

Georg Kellner (840378108) | asked Oct 05 '16, 7:43 a.m.
Hi fellows,

as far as I know, using GC with the JAZZ applications leads to loss of DOORS integration, as DOORS can't link against single versions in the JAZZ application.

1.) Can this be confirmed?
2.) If this is confirmed, when will it be possible to use GC in an environment with an existing huge DOORS installation?

greetings georg.

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Philipp Waldinger (1313) | answered Oct 06 '16, 11:36 a.m.
edited Oct 06 '16, 11:46 a.m.
I cannot answer your question to the full extend (especially not the second point), but I want to mention one thing:
It is not important whether you have the GC Application running in your Jazz Environment or not - the important question is whether the "local" configuration management in a project area is enabled. Only project areas with local configuration management enabled are "visible" for the GC Application, but "using" them in GC has no impact on the OSLC Link Problem.

As soon as you hit the button "Enable Configuration Management" on the page under "Manage Project Area" > "Configuration Management", the problems regarding OSLC Links to or from this project area (and only this project area!) arise:

Configuration Management

So on the other hand, if you have the GC Application running, but no local configuration management enabled in any project area, all OSLC links still work properly.

About the impacts on an integration with DOORS 9.6:
As soon as local or global configuration management is enabled for a project area in Jazz RM or QM, no OSLC Links back to DOORS can be created any more (instead of loading the "select artifact" dialogue of DOORS Web Access, the application tells you that no valid global configuration is selected).
On the other hand, links from DOORS 9.6 can still be created to the Jazz Applications, but always only to the default configuration of the project area. 

Please also keep in mind the all-famous page Considerations for enabling configuration management.
There are quite detailed descriptions on the impacts of activating (local or global) configuration management.

Disclaimer: The text before reflects my current knowledge and experiences. Maybe I'm wrong with some parts. Before doing anything regarding configuration management (installing GC, enabling local configuration management in a projectarea) on a productive system, I recommend you to first double-check the impacts on a test system.

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