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DNG Cloning blocked by GC Baseline containing both Components

Preston Berkeley (1212) | asked Mar 11 '19, 3:07 p.m.

In DNG 6.0.6iFix6, I am trying to clone artifacts from one component to another.  This generates an error because the "operation would cause the same artifact to be present multiple times" in a configuration.  However, the configuration it lists is a Global Configuration Baseline, that contains baselines of the two RM components.  This means that the cloned artifacts would not actually appear twice in that configuration, because they would not be in the old baseline of the target component.  It also appears that it is impossible to remove a local baseline from that Global Configuration Baseline, which I had considered as a workaround.

I have checked the logs to confirm that the the offending configuration is in fact the URL of the Global Configuration Baseline, not a Baseline Staging Stream or any other similarly named configuration.
Refreshing Component Overlap Data under Component Properties for each component also did not help.
Is there a workaround to this problem that would allow cloning?  I know I could copy, but would rather preserve the history, ID #s, etc.

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Preston Berkeley (1212) | answered May 01 '19, 6:44 p.m.

Opened a Support Case with IBM, and discovered this is a known limitation.  Instead of checking whether configurations containing the same Artifacts are in any Global Configuration, instead it checks to see if the any configuration of the components that contain the artifacts are in the same Global Configuration.  Apparently changing the methodology to correct this bug would impose too great a performance cost.

I have attempted to find a work around by archiving the GC Baseline, or the Local Baselines within it, and then re-indexing and refreshing Component Overlap Data, but currently there does not appear to be any plausible work around.

Geoffrey Clemm commented May 01 '19, 11:31 p.m.

Assuming you want to clone selected artifacts from component A to component B, one workaround would be to clone component B to a new component C, and then to clone the selected artifacts from component A to component C.

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