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List of database activities performed during the CLM server upgrade / rename

Bharath Rao (6666) | asked Mar 06 '19, 6:23 a.m.
Do you have a comprehensive list of database activities performed during CLM Server Upgrade / Rename ?
Also, what are the privileges necessary to a database user to perform the same ?

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Bharath Rao (6666) | answered Mar 06 '19, 6:26 a.m.
edited Mar 06 '19, 6:28 a.m.

At a higher level, when performing a rename/upgrade, the database users needs to be able to create/modify/delete tables, create/delete indices, run stats, modify the schema (either the single schema, Oracle and SQL Server, or the app specific schema for DB2).
To get more details, you could enable the SQL transaction loggers. The below technote has the details on enabling the same:

Regarding privileges,
The creation and setup of a DB2 database assumes that the user installing Jazz has only DBADM authority over the database and that the database and its underlying tablespace storage has been created ahead of time by a SYSADM user.
For the rename / upgrade, DBADM authority is necessary.

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