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Force Refresh of Plan Items

Dennis Hearn (154) | asked Mar 01 '19, 8:21 a.m.
edited Mar 01 '19, 8:22 a.m.

I've written a java Participant extension called when a work item changes - its used to sum up a given field (budget) to the parent level.  So for example if I have three child tasks with a budget of [10, 15, 5] hours, it sums up the parent budget to 30 hours (I think my math is correct.....).

It works well and does exactly what I want.  If I am editing an individual child work item, when the budget field is changed the parent work item is summed correctly, and if the parent work item is open in a separate window, I get a notification to refresh to get the latest updates.

But on a plan view, there is no such notification.  If I update the child task budget field from a plan view, the child is hilighted with a yellow bar.  When I save the record, the child work item is updated and the parent work item field is recalculated in the database but not displayed to the user, and there is no indicator that it changed.

Is there a way to notify the HMI to reread the parent work item? Or force a refresh of the entire display?  Or even a notification to refresh to get the latest updates?

ETA: This is RTC 6.0.3

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