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RQM RFT web service or api to create test case and run it then retrieve results

David G (11213) | asked Feb 11 '19, 2:53 p.m.

Hey all I am trying to find information on how to go about getting the results of a run that was scheduled in RQM. The flow I currently do in order to get to the results is:

  • Login
  • Planning
  • Browse Test Plans
  • Click on a test plan name
  • Test Case Execution Records (side panel)
  • I choose a test name from the table
  • Click on link beside Last Results text
  • Get reports under Saved Reports (Execution Report / MobileAndWebUIReport.html).

I cant seem to find any Java or .NET code that showcases the above flow in order for me to get those 2 files.

Basically I am just looking to have my code create a test case then be able to start it and then get the results after words.

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abhishek gour (3812) | answered Feb 12 '19, 12:27 p.m.
Hi David,
You can access, read, and edit rqm resources via
  - RQM Reportable Rest APIs -
A quick starting point to understand basic usages of both of these approaches could be -


David G commented Feb 13 '19, 9:24 a.m.

Hey Abhishek.

Are there any java examples of the Rest API being used? I see the calls and all on those pages but am unsure of the order or what needs to be there when calling a GET or POST.

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