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Report builder data source difference

Don Max (24818) | asked Jan 28 '19, 2:38 a.m.
edited Jan 29 '19, 8:59 a.m.


In report builder, what is the difference between Lifecycle query engine scoped by configuration & Lifecycle query engine  data sources. When i choose  report type LQE scoped by configuration, the project areas are not getting listed  and when i choose LQE using configuration project areas are getting listed  under limit the scope.

  We are on CLM 606 with GC enabled.



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Kathryn Fryer (48347) | answered Jan 28 '19, 9:53 a.m.
Hi Don,
"LQE scoped by a configuration" is for project areas that are enabled for configuration management. All reports you build / run using this data source must be scoped by a configuration. When you choose this data source, Report Builder filters out projects that are not CM-enabled.

Similarly, when you pick LQE as the data source, RB filters out the projects that are CM-enabled, because there would be no way to specify the configuration and version of the artifacts to use.

(and info on other RB/LQE behaviour also).

If the list of projects is not correct -- that is, there are CM-enabled projects that aren't showing up when you pick "LQE scoped by a configuration", or vice versa -  please contact Support.
Hope that helps!
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