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What is the process for migrating the Report Builder (RS) database from one server to another?

Daniel Barbour (250118) | asked Nov 11 '16, 9:55 a.m.
edited Nov 11 '16, 4:02 p.m.
[Currently using CLM 6.0.2]

The help information provided in does not cover the Jazz Reporting Service application Report Builder.  Therefore after the data migration has been completed we discovered that none of the user/custom report templates created for Report Builder were available on the new server.

I was able to restore these by manually copying the /rs/db folder from the original server to the new server but this was only possible because (at least for now) the RS database is stored locally (vs in our SQL Server database). 

[Updated: Would this procedure work (copying the /rs/db folder to the new server) if the target server was hosted on a different OS from the OS used for the source: That is, could I copy the folder from a server using Windows Server 2012 to one using IBM AIX?]

First question: Is there a different procedure that I can be used (similar to the repotools export/import steps, or the LDX/LQE backup steps)?

Second question: Can the data migration of the Report Builder database be made similar to one of the others?

Lastly - At a minimum can the Help information be updated to include Report Builder?

Daniel Barbour commented Jan 12 '17, 2:41 p.m.

 For other readers:

Copying the /rs/db folder from the original server (in Windows Server 2012) to the target server (in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8) did, in fact, work. I have not tried this to an AIX environment but given the RHEL experience I would not expect a problem.

For IBM: As a user I would still prefer that a defined method (preferably similar to that used for LDX/LQE database backup/restore operations) be implemented.

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