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RQM excel Importer Test Script Custom Section

Matthew Chin (213) | asked Jan 07 '19, 1:04 p.m.
edited Jan 07 '19, 1:06 p.m.


I created a Custom Section for Test Scripts called Tables. 
When attempting to import the Test scripts I get an Error.

Is this the correct syntax for importing a Custom Test Script section? 

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Monika Rajput (2562) | answered Jan 08 '19, 2:23 a.m.
Hi Matthew,

For importing a Custom Test Script section the syntax would be :

1. testscript.Section("myns:dynamicSection_1546300150765","Test")=W - `S` of `section` would be in capital letter.
2. testscript.dynamicSection_1546300150765=W
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