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DOORS NEXT GEN - Reportable Rest API: Showing Links between modules?

API-DEV User (2116) | asked Dec 06 '18, 2:40 p.m.

 Hello Everyone,

Got a quick question about the reportable REST API, Heres a quick overview of the current configuration:

Have a couple of components within a Global Configuration, a few requirements in Component A, Module A link to requirements in Component B, Module B

When I do the following GET Request:

The request return all of the data within the module, which is great, However, the request only shows linkages between artifacts within the same component.

Requirement 2:
Allocates --> to Specification (another component)
Satisfied by <--- Requirement (another component)
Driven by ---> Requirement 3 (same component, same module)

                <ds:Link type="Link">
                        <rrm:title>Requirement 3</rrm:title>

Does the reportable REST API not return links within a global configuration? 

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