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RTC 6.0.x compatibility with RPT and RFT

Ruth Goreti Gonzalez Rodriguez (25111) | asked Aug 21 '18, 6:24 p.m.


There are discrepancies on system requirements reports ( ) on supported software sections between RTC - RPT and RFT.

If we search for RPT or RFT v9.1, on supported software section we see RTC v6.0.3. And for RPT and RFT v9.2 we see RTC v6.0.4.
However, if we load reports for RTC v6.0.x, we see only RPT and RFT v8.7 and v8.7.1

Do you know if there's a reason why RTC does not support RPT and RFT v9.x?
Is it just a mistake on the reports?


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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered Aug 22 '18, 3:05 a.m.

The report could be wrong and you want to refer to RPT/RFT report as what it is supported.
I have similar experience with RQM 6.0.x and in that case, the same version RFT v8.7 and v8.7.1listed in RQM report but while we confirmed with RFT and RPT support team, they confirmed with their dev team and suggested v9.1(at that time, this is the newest) is supported.
so if you any channel to confirm with RFT/RPT team, you can ask them on RTC-RPT/RFT version compatibility
(not sure if RFT forum would help or not:

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