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Linking and collecting artifacts in two components in the same project

Venkatesh Nadamuni (138) | asked Jun 29 '18, 2:04 p.m.


Jane Haw says that in order to link items in different projects:
  • Both project's streams must be in the same Global Configuration stream.
  • Both project's streams must have the same link types & link constraints (this can include user-defined link types).
  • The link creator must be a member of both projects and of the Global Configuration.
  • Both projects must be opened in the Global Configuration stream context.
  • The link creator needs to have a role/permissions in the projects to be able to create links. 
If the items to be linked are in two different components of the same project, can they be linked using a "References" link?  Can you add items from the two components into a single collection?

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