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DNG OSLC CreationFactory not visible

Sean F (1.3k235138) | asked Jun 17 '18, 8:44 a.m.
I am having some success at communicating with DNG using OSLC via the Rest client on Firefox

I can get responses using the GET command and can see services provided by specific RM project areas

This is the OSLC workshop link

The workshop says that there should be a Creation Factory listed as a service to allow creation of artifacts.

However I can only see 3 basic services in my RM projects

My response from my sample RM project only has the services
1. 'link creation (but only implemented and validated links are available)
2. Collection picker
3. Artifact picker

There are no artifact creation services listed

DNG 6.0.5

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Sean F (1.3k235138) | answered Jun 17 '18, 3:07 p.m.
Solved I think.

My Rest Client was not using the required header

Add Request Header button and add the header key accept and the value application/rdf+xml

Without this header the response is truncated.

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