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How does Jenkins Team Concert Plugin map Jenkins result values to RTC build status values?

Sue Bayliss (61) | asked Apr 10 '18, 6:49 a.m.
When a build is requested from an RTC build definition which uses the Jenkins Team Concert Plugin to run a Jenkins job, what determines the build status reported for the RTC build result?
And is there any configurable option to change the default mapping behaviour (e.g. to cause Jenkins UNSTABLE result to be reported as an RTC WARNING status value)? 

Jenkins javadoc for hudson.model.Result lists supported values as ABORTED, FAILURE, NOT_BUILT, SUCCESS & UNSTABLE. Which are different to values supported for status or buildStatusProperty in RTC (based on "Ant Attribute reference"): OK, INFO, WARNING & ERROR. So what is the mapping between them?

FYI: Our experience is as follows:
Jenkins FAILURE -> RTC build status ERROR
Jenkins SUCCESS -> RTC build status OK
Jenkins UNSTABLE (no build errors, but failing JUnit tests) - > RTC Build status OK
(The last case is different to what was reported in a 2008 post "How to view as a successful build an unstable jenkins job").

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