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Automation execution results are not getting sent to RQM. Can someone help?

Maria Amalan (784366) | asked Mar 29 '18, 1:12 a.m.
I am using RQM 6.0.5 ifix02. I have written a bat file with some instructions and I am calling that bat file from an RQM script. When I run the parent test case, the execution starts and the bat file gets executed but the results don't get sent back to RQM. In RQM the execution stays at 10% and does not end and therefore, there is no execution result recorded.
Does anyone know why this is happening? And is there a solution for this?

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Subhajit Bhuiya (6222) | answered Apr 03 '18, 3:21 a.m.

Are you using RQM commandline adapter. If yes, please check the log file for commandline adapter. That will give you clue what is going wrong.

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