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How can we get the Work Items widget in RTC to properly open the query when using a Cisco clientless VPN?

Janet Charbonneau (851748) | asked Mar 19 '18, 12:13 p.m.

We are using Jazz 6.0.4 on a distributed network with JTS and RTC on different servers using Websphere  I have external customers who use the Cisco clientless VPN since they are on government computers and cannot install Cisco AnyConnect.

I have a RTC project with a "Work Items" widget that uses a query called "Open Product Defects".  When using the clientless VPN, the widget will load on the dashboard correctly.  If you click on one of the defects listed in the widget it will correctly open the defect.  However, if you click on the title of the widget in order to open the "Open Product Defects" query, then it will show the query for a split second and then immediately go back to the dashboard.  We have tried to use the back button to go back to the query (since it briefly showed it) and that did not work.

We are able to open this query from the "Work Items" widget on the local network and via the Cisco AnyConnect client.  We are just having an issue with the Cisco clientless VPN.

I created a "Work Item Queries" widget and included the "Open Product Defects" query in that widget.  We are able to open the query via the clientless VPN with no issues when you click on that query via the "Work Item Queries" widget.  I do not want to have an extra widget on the dashboard that just lists the "Open Product Defects" query.  How can I get the "Work Items" widget to properly open the query when the title is clicked?

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