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Error when loading plan in 6.0.3 iFix009

vinay kumar bondugula (7111845) | asked Feb 27 '18, 2:33 a.m.


One of the user created a plan and added the workitems. Now when user try to access the plan, gets below error. The same plan when accessed by other users will not get the error. I have verified the permissions fro both users and both are having same permissions. Please let us know how do we fix this.

Error loading additional items: assertion failed: hide details

assertion failed:
org.mozilla.javascript.gen.c47._c10({"Bundle-SymbolicName":"", "path":"\/resources\/internal\/progress", "name":"NewProgressComputer.js"}:112){"Bundle-SymbolicName":"", "path":"\/resources\/internal\/progress", "name":"NewProgressComputer.js"})
org.mozilla.javascript.gen.c47._c8({"Bundle-SymbolicName":"", "path":"\/resources\/internal\/progress", "name":"NewProgressComputer.js"}:87){"Bundle-SymbolicName":"", "path":"\/resources\/internal\/progress", "name":"NewProgressComputer.js"})


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