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Websphere doesn't start fully when JRS & DCC on the same server. ?

Raj Krishnasamy (10211321) | asked Jan 30 '18, 9:54 p.m.


We deployed snoop (for testing reverse proxy) , JRS & DCC (6.0.5) on one WAS profile (9.x) . Disabled JRS before restart and was able to get to dcc/scr and snoop. 8 GB RAM has been allocated to the JVM (Server has 16 GB &  4 processors). 

Auto start (enabled) DCC & enable JRS (autostart) not able to get to rs/scr, snoop or dcc/scr.

Disabled DCC & enable JRS (autostart) not able to get to rs/scr or dcc.

Is this a bug in 6.0.5 specific to JRS? I have done the same in 6.0.3 without any issues.

Appreciate your help.


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Jim Ruehlin (76614) | answered Jan 31 '18, 1:12 p.m.

 It looks like RS never starts, but DCC will startup when RS is not running. A few things to check:

Can you manually start RS? If so it might have to do with starting both at the same time, thought I don't know why.

Does this work without the reverse proxy? If so the issue might be with proxy settings.

Also try re-installing RS. Possibly it didn't get installed correctly? Has the rs.war file been deployed successfully in WAS (files exploded etc)?

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Daniel Barbour (2235) | answered Feb 02 '18, 5:18 p.m.

The Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) component of JRS puts significant demands on RAM and CPU usage.  Your resource limitations are likely contributing to this problem. 

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