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VS and RTC Shell IDE error || Error retrieving data. Check log for details

Lakshmi Narayana (2739) | asked Jan 23 '18, 3:24 a.m.


Whenever I am trying to access the Source Control option in RTC's Visual Studio Client and RTC Shell IDE, I am getting an error , " Error retrieving data. Check log for details." but  it is working fine under the Eclipse client.

Details : CLM Version 6.0.1

ERROR : Error retrieving data. Check log for details

Client : VS IDS and Shell IDE - with 6.0.1 plugins,

Observations : this  error only for Jazz admin roles,  as i have tried in one of the developer system with VS 2012 version. 

observation as below:

- Project user having a member of only one project and  successfully able to login to CLM with his ID from VS and Shell IDEs

- i am the jazz admin and  member of 2 projects, it shows error while connect to 'manage connected project areas'.

pls suggest the solution.

Donald Nong commented Jan 24 '18, 12:07 a.m.

It says "check log for details". Have you done that?

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