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how can I use two attribute values to determine the status in a bugzilla import?

Susan Hanson (1.6k2186193) | asked Oct 24 '12, 10:26 a.m.
I'm trying to do work item imports from Bugzilla.  In creating my custom mapping XML, I hit a minor little issue that I'm hoping someone can help me resolve.

In Bugzilla, I can have   bug_status = Verified and resolution = "invalid"   which should map to my RTC state of "Canceled".  But bug_status = Verified and resolution = "fixed" would map to RTC state of "Verified.

I have my mapping XML in some ways:
    <attribute sourceId="bug_status" targetId="">
        <value sourceId="NEW" targetId="aries.defect.workflow.state.s1"/> <!-- Open -->
        <value sourceId="UNCONFIRMED" targetId="aries.defect.workflow.state.s1"/> <!-- Open -->
        <value sourceId="ASSIGNED" targetId="aries.defect.workflow.state.s3"/><!-- Fixing -->
        <value sourceId="RESOLVED" targetId="aries.defect.workflow.state.s6"/><!-- Ready -->
        <value sourceId="VERIFIED" targetId="aries.defect.workflow.state.s7"/><!-- Verified -->
        <value sourceId="CLOSED" targetId="5"/><!-- Unused -->
        <value sourceId="REOPENED" targetId="aries.defect.workflow.state.s1"/> <!-- Open -->

Is there a way to get it to use both bug_status and resolution in a single mapping?


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