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Does Jazz support changing the same file under two or more separate tasks without delivering changes?

Nithesh Bookhan (1111) | asked Sep 29 '15, 3:40 a.m.
Dear Helper,

My question : Does RTC Jazz support tagging a File/s that is/are changed under a Development Task that is checked in but not yet delivered to the stream with a Second (or third) Task Tag?

Steps to describe issue:
1. Change some files (say, and 
2. now check-in and associate to a Work Item (actually a development Task lets say Task 1). 
3. Now Task 1 is checked-in but not delivered. 
4. Consider a second development task Task 2 that requires files, and to be changed.
5. When I try to associate a, b and files to Task 2 I get an Error Message

" @Title: Checking-in Local Changes
  @Icon X: Cannot check-in
   @Path of source file/ because it is already being changed in another active change set.

   Instead of picking a specific change set, try allowing the check-in to pick the correct change set.

Environment: Local Developer Workspace, Single Developer, Single Workstation, Single RTC, Multiple Files a, b, c, d .java and Multiple Tasks 1, 2 that touch some common source files i.e. a, b and d .java 

If the Helper requires any further information or clarification please let me know.

Product Version Info:
Rational Team Concert

Version: 5.0
Build id: RTC-I20140509-1417

Thank you for your time and expertise

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Ralph Schoon (61.8k33643) | answered Sep 29 '15, 4:24 a.m.
If tagging refers to have it related to a work item.......

Yes, you can have a change to the same file in different change sets. A change set also can have changes to various files. Don't think abut file changes, think about change sets. Each change set can be related to any work item.

This is a very normal if multiple users work on the same data from the same stream in their repository workspace.

If you do this on one repository workspace, you have to complete the current change set that has changes to a file, before you can create a new change sets and put a new change to the file into it.

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