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LDAP user registry on RTC, duplicate user

Fons Maathuis (25113) | asked Jan 04 '18, 4:47 a.m.
edited Jan 04 '18, 7:01 a.m.

 On RTC we've configured LDAP/SDBM i.o. to use the RACF-users on our z/OS MF. Setup was initially started using ADMIN as user, but after filling out the LDAP/SDBM screen I had to switch to my own (RACF) user. After completing the setup I restarted JTS, could logon with my userID as administrator. So far so good. 

But looking at the user-registry, I found out that there were two users with my name. One user has my RACF-userID as User ID (lets say ABCDEFG), the other one has this string as User ID:
racfid=ABCDEFG,profiletype=USER,racfdb=MVS1. Both users have all permissions and need a RTC license 

All other users do have their RACF-userID as User ID.

When I logon with ABCDEFG, initially the RACF-userID is used. But during the session it switches to racfid=ABCDEFG,profiletype=USER,racfdb=MVS1. I've tried to archive that user but then at a certain point, I get error messages concerning authorisation. 

I want to fix this obviously, because I don't want to waste licenses. 

We're using RTC 6.0.5 with DB2 v 11 on z/OS

Hope someone can help



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