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approvalTasks and approvals always null in OSCL REST API

Brad Parker (11) | asked Nov 30 '17, 10:10 a.m.

 Finally getting around to doing some approval validation automation, or I hoped I was. 

I've seen the following pair of fields in my JSON data for some time and just never used them
            "rtc_cm:approvalTasks": null,
            "rtc_cm:approvals": null,

I figured that when I added some approval records via the UI they would appear here. But they didn't. Some searching brought me to this article from 2014
says that the data is not exposed in the API at that time, but now we're running 6.0.4 and it shows up as null. Is there some issue here or has the data still not been exposed, just the fields added as always null?

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