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how do I have a workitem attribute(eg. defect Type) set as mandatory?

Pankaj Sharma (511) | asked Nov 06 '17, 5:51 a.m.

how do I have a workitem attribute(eg. defect Type) set as mandatory? 

After setting it mandatory, does any user who have higher privileges in a Project can bypass mandatory attribute field ? 

We have CLM v502 environment. 

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Salman Shaikh (23413675) | answered Nov 06 '17, 6:23 a.m.

You have to control it from 2 sides.
1. Manage this project Area --> Pre-conditions and FollowUp Actions --> Save Workitem --> Required Attributes for type and State (This will make it mandatory field).

2. In Attribute Customization You have to write a dojo Script condition like
If owner == "ABC"   return false
else return true

and add this dojo script in Required attributes for condition (Pre-Condition). and select that attribute that needs to be bypassed.

Note : If you need further clarification , Please let me know.

Ralph Schoon commented Nov 06 '17, 7:24 a.m.
  1. Is correct. 2. only applies to Required attributes for condition and does not necessary have to be used. See the documentation:

    Secondly, preconditions and follow up actions can be individually configured per role. Roles have an order so it can be configured that it applies to some roles and not to others.


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