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How to configure RDS so that DOORS only sees a subset of AD users/groups

Andrew Clement (7272071) | asked Sep 25 '17, 3:10 a.m.

I am using RDS to manage DOORS users and groups.
Not all AD groups will be used as DOORS groups and not all AD users in those groups will be using DOORS.
For example, there are 4 groups and 12 users in AD
groupA contains userA1, userA2, userA3
groupB contains userB1, userB2, userB3
groupC contains userC1, userC2, userC3
groupD contains userD1, userD2, userD3

and I only want userA1, userA2, userB1, userC1 to be DOORS users and groupA, groupB, groupC to be DOORS groups.

How do I configure RDS so that DOORS can only see userA1, userA2, userB1, userC1 as DOORS users and
groupA, groupB, groupC as DOORS groups?

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Howard Hsiao (5.5k17) | answered Sep 25 '17, 3:17 a.m.

We can use "Users MetaGroup DN" and "Groups MetaGroup DN" in RDA to achieve this.
Let's say the domain name is doors.rds.

In AD:
1) Set up a "container" group in AD, say "DoorsContainerGroup"

2) Add userA1, userA2, userB1, userC1, groupA, groupB, groupC to "DoorsContainerGroup"

1) RDS > Configuration > Corporate Partition

2) Right mouse click on the defined RDS partition

3) Edit Partition...

4) Click on Search Base Configuration tab

5) Select Multiple Search Bases
User Search base: CN=Users,DC=DOORS,DC=RDS
Group Search base: CN=Users,DC=DOORS,DC=RDS

Note: If there are groups and users from other OU, then both User Search base and Group Search base must be changed to

6) Tick "Configure MetaGroup Information"
Users MetaGroup DN: CN=DoorsContainerGroup,CN=Users,DC=DOORS,DC=RDS
Groups MetaGroup DN: CN=DoorsContainerGroup,CN=Users,DC=DOORS,DC=RDS

7) Click OK

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