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why JRS report return all changes in history for a specific requirement when configuration enabled?

jane zhou (106445) | asked Sep 22 '17, 11:00 a.m.


Hi Someone who may concern,

   We are working CLM 6.0.3.
    We enabled Global Configuration, create a GC stream and include a DNG project stream in this GC stream.
     Then, say, on this GC stream context,  for artifact with id 10000 in DNG project , which is a requirement, we update the content of this requirement 2 times.
     Then, we generate a JRS report with data source as "Lifecycle Query Engine scoped by a Configuration" and select the DNG project, select Requirement as artifact, choose Configuration as the above GC stream under the DNG project.
      After we run the report, we noticed all requirements are listed for this project. However, instead of seeing artifact with id 1000  one time, we can see the same id appear 3 times

10000            xxxxx
10000            Revised on 08/19 xxxxx
10000            Revised  on 08/20 xxxxx

      We are wondering why IBM design this way? Our purpose is to query the latest content for every artifact for a stream, we do not want to see all history records for the same artifact, which is rather confusing.

      Do you know how to avoid listing all history records for one specific artifact?


Best Regards,
Jane Zhou


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