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Re-Deploying Jazz Team Server from a Liberty Profile to Websphere Application Server

Nikhil Khaladkar (1116) | asked Sep 04 '17, 9:46 a.m.


I am trying to re-deploy Jazz Team Server Applications hosted on a Liberty Profile to WebSphere Application Server Profile.

I am using the wsadmin as the deployment tool and clm_was_config.y and scripts for the same.

I am performing the following steps to do so:-
1)Install Websphere Application Server in the same directory as of the already installed Jazz Team Server with Liberty, using a non-root user.
2)Stopping Jazz Team Server and Liberty.
3)Configuring the WAS using
./ -language jython -user WAS_username -password WAS_password -f Path to the script/ JazzInstallDir/server/conf
4)After configuration I give the path to war files which we want to deploy on the WebSphere and deploy using
./ -language jython -user WAS_username -password WAS_password -f path to the script/  nodeName serverName JazzInstallDir/server/liberty/webapps/
5)Start the applications using the WebSphere Admin console.
The problem I am facing is that when I try to access the application URL's- as per given in the file of the application- I get either of the following error: 

Error 404: No target servlet configured for uri.
404: ProxyServlet: /ccm

Work Around tried:
I did try re-deploying the war files, but the same error persists.
Note : On re-starting the Jazz Team Server it starts with default host(Liberty)

Is there any workaround or alternate approach to this task?

Thanks in advance,

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