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RTC Workitem integration with Urban Code Deploy

anoop mc (74811199221) | asked Aug 15 '17, 1:10 p.m.

 Hi Team,

We came across a requirement where there  are multiple work items created in RTC for their manual deployment process to SIT, UAT and PROD.

Evaluating to see if using RTC and UCD can we automate the deployment process. 

Use-case would be - As soon as the RTC Work item ID state reach to Ready for SIT / UAT - UCD should pick the artifacts and deploy it.  (Here it is going to be multiple work item request handling in parallel)

Note: In the past handling a similar requirement, using RTC workitem plugin available in UCD we have specify the workitem ID number manually.  In this case since there are multiple workitems getting creating that way will not be ideal.

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