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RTC+Jenkins: How to add new text field in jenkins UI if my claas is extending RtcExtensionProvider?

Himresha d (113) | asked Dec 03 '18, 6:12 a.m.

I am to new jenkins and devlopting one jenkins plugin by extending RtcExtensionProvider and its entry method is getComponentLoadRules (below is the code sample).
i want to add a custom text feild on jenkins UI, for that i have to extens Builder plugin which is not possible because i already extends my class with RtcExtensionProvider.
if i will create a new class XYZ extends Builder then also i am not able to call getComponentLoadRules method of class JenkinsLoad.

Is there any way to add custom fild on jenkins ui which below code possiblity?

public class JenkinsLoad extends RtcExtensionProvider implements Serializable {
  public Map<String, String> getComponentLoadRules(String workspaceUUID, String workspaceName, String buildResultUUID,
      Map<String, String> componentInfo, String repoURL, String userId, String password, PrintStream logger)
      throws IOException, KeyManagementException, NoSuchAlgorithmException, CloneNotSupportedException {
      // rest implemention

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