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Can you control the iterations shown for Iteration Planning using Quick Planner 6.0.3?

Jamie Berry (14013283) | asked Aug 02 '17, 4:06 p.m.

We are using RTC 6.0.3 and have a question on the usage of Quick Planner.  We have a team that wants to include specific iterations in the Iteration Planning view (part of an overall hierarchy) that don't seem to meet QP's notion of iterations to plan.  As an example, they have the following iteration structure:

* Active Work

  - Operations Work

  - Development 2017 Work

    ~ 2017 Q1

    ~ 2017 Q2

    ~ 2017 Q3

    ~ 2017 Q4


When launching QuickPlanner and selecting 2017 Q3, they see 2017 Q3, 2017 Q4 and Development 2017 Work.  They would like to also include Active Work and Operations Work.  It is my understanding that the Iteration Planning View only shows the selected iteration, the timeline backlog, the parent iteration, and the next 2 iterations under the parent.  We have no dates on the iterations at this time and we don't have a backlog iteration for this timeline as the timeline is shared by multiple teams each with their own "backlog".   Is there a view in Quick Planner that allows the iteration lanes to show from a complete hierarchy instead of a pre-specified formula hierarchy?  In traditional plans grouping by Iteration we can see Active work and all iterations under it.  Does this capability exist in Quick Planner (I haven't found it).



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