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Major problems using RTC with eclipse neon

Randy Hudson (216243) | asked Jun 29 '17, 2:48 p.m.

 I've installed RTC 6.0.2 on top of eclipse neon on macOS, and there are several major UI problems, including:

  • UI locks up, using 100% CPU usage running the event loop.  One of the sections of the My Work view seems to cause this, so I've removed most of the sections
  • UI sometimes stops painting.  When switching between perspectives, the pending changes view stops painting, and eventually the entire workbench window goes blank.  If you're lucky, you can quit and save your workspace instead of killing the process
  • Form Editor problems.  for example, opening up the stream editor, some of the lists are taller than my monitor, and there's a lot of unused dead space below that.
Are these known issues?  Have they been reported against eclipse?  Are any workarounds in RTC planned to address the problems?


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