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'Team Member' widget shows roles of all teams for user

Amit Garg (312051) | asked May 16 '17, 6:48 a.m.

 A user is assigned 'team member' role in Team A. Same user is assigned 'Scrum Master' role in team B. When we check the dashboard of Team A (Team Members Widget) it shows one role listed against user whereas when we check the Team B dashboard, it shows two roles against the same member (Team Member & Scrum Master). Is this an expected behavior and why? 

Also why two roles for the user doesn't show up in widget of Team A?

RTC 6.0.3

Another Observation: When I added the same user into Team C (without any roles assigned to him) widget displayed the role of team A. Why it did not pick the role assigned to the same user in team B?

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