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Multiple TestCaseExecutionsResults

Jonathan Moore (111) | asked May 11 '17, 1:37 p.m.

 I'm using:

TestExecutionRecord t = client.getResource(tester, OslcMediaType.APPLICATION_RDF_XML).getEntity(TestExecutionRecord.class);

This returns more than one result how do I do something like this:

List<TestExecutionRecord> t = client.getResource(tester, OslcMediaType.APPLICATION_RDF_XML).getEntity(List<TestExecutionRecord>.class);

Are there alternative routes to getting to TestExecutionRecords from a Requirement. I've looked at all the methods, arrays, extended properties of requirement and testcase but I can't seem to get the records I want.

Thanks in advance.

Donald Nong commented May 12 '17, 1:42 a.m.

What are you trying to do? You mentioned "a Requirement", so does it mean that you're working on RDNG? If so, take a look at the response (XML) and confirm whether TCER exists and how it looks like. I'm pretty sure your method will not work.

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