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[Q] DNG / How to manage images embedded in a DNG artifact ?

Taemin(TM) KO (91410) | asked Mar 17 '16, 4:41 a.m.
edited Mar 17 '16, 4:43 a.m.
If I embed an image within an artifact, say "A", of DNG, the image is created as another artifact, say "B", with same type in the folder. Though I delete the image within artifact "A", the image "B" still exists within the folder. It seems to be strange to me since the image is meaningful only when it is embedded within artifact "A". Since "A" is deleted, image "B" should be deleted as well.

My questions are...
- When I create an artifact "A" having a image "B" within it's content, It would be best if artifact "A" alone is displayed within folder. "B" is displayed in the middle of the content of "A" but does not display within the folder. Can I configure DNG to do that?
- If I delete "A" within the folder, can I make DNG delete "B" as well? "B" alone does not make any sense since It only makes sense when it is embedded within A.

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Randolph Simmons (612) | answered Mar 24 '16, 9:05 a.m.
Unfortunately this use case would be a Request for Enhancement in a future release of DNG. This functionality is working as design and not be changed to work the way you request.

Please submit a Request for Enhancement using the link below.

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