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CLM ETL jobs

Sidharth Chadha (511) | asked Mar 21 '17, 10:25 a.m.

I want to change CLM ETL start time due to some ongoing issues. Currently its scheduled at 10 PM ( every 24 hours) and I want to change it to 7 PM.


To change the schedule, I logged in to: https://<Public-URL>/jts/

Then modified "Data Warehouse Snapshot Time" which was set to “22” and I changed it to “19”.


Also, I didn’t change "Task delay" - by default it is set to 86400 seconds (24 hours). I.e. the job will run every 24 hours.

Question – I am not sure if the same change needs to be done at CCM and QM admin pages as well OR JTS will take care of all.


Concern – After doing all this, job still started at 10 PM and NOT 7 PM.

Sidharth Chadha commented Mar 21 '17, 10:26 a.m.

CLM version is 4.0.3

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Don Yang (7.6k21100135) | answered Mar 21 '17, 7:25 p.m.

Hi, Sidharth

Yes, you will need the change to all applications start time.
The change will be effective after data collection job was triggered or you restart the server.
So you should be able to see the change after your collection jobs run at 10pm once. I had a similar question before and please see the details here:


Sidharth Chadha selected this answer as the correct answer

Sidharth Chadha commented Mar 21 '17, 8:21 p.m.

Hi Don Yang,

Thanks for sharing all the details. I agree to your point. However, I believe that JTS executes and handles jobs for CCM and QM as well.

Earlier also, the parameter was set to 22 for JTS and was default 24 for CCM and QM. Still all the jobs used to execute at 10 PM and NOT 12 AM. That's why i have raised this as a concern whether i need to modify the same in CCM and QM OR only JTS would suffice. Can you please confirm?

Don Yang commented Mar 21 '17, 9:10 p.m.

you are right, ETL schedule start time is controlled by JTS application.

Sidharth Chadha commented Mar 21 '17, 11:28 p.m.

Thanks Don Yang..Does it mean that the parameter should only be modified in JTS and NOT in CCM and QM?

Don Yang commented Mar 21 '17, 11:41 p.m.

Yes, JTS only should be fine.

Sidharth Chadha commented Mar 21 '17, 11:49 p.m.

Thanks a lot. Cheers!

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