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Ranking in backlog influences Ranking in Treeview List in other view

Ruben Scheja (11) | asked Mar 09 '17, 6:14 a.m.


My teams manag their items in backlogs (a,b,c) and ranks them.
Some of those items are also linked to a release item which I have in my release overview (backlog x)
The items within the release item are displayed as a treeview via "Resolved By --> Resolves" which looks like this:

main_release_item (planned for backlog x)
  > linked_item_a1  (planned for backlog a)
  > linked_item_b1 (planned for backlog b)
  > linked_item_c2 (planned for backlog c)
  > linked_item_a2 (planned for backlog a)

If I now reorder the ranking in my treeview to for example have linked_item_a2 directly below linked_item_a1, this somehow changes the rank of linked_item_a2 in backlog a.

I have not found out the logic. If I only move it up one rank in the backlog, nothing might happen to its ranking in backlog a. But if I move up (or down) more, it suddenly changes the rank (up or down).

Currently my credo is: Don't touch the ranking of subelements in treeviews that are planned for another backlog.

But of course it would be nice to not have this unwanted interaction. Is this a bug or a hidden feature? Can this be avoided somehow?

Best regards

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