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CLM / Bluemix

Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9283269) | asked Feb 02 '17, 11:03 a.m.


Is anyone using CLM with Bluemix? Is it viable to do so? Or is Bluemix just for quick prototyping? I know there are some smaller teams that can use BlueMix, but I am talking about larger teams (departments/etc) that do development with requirements and testing.

Is there a Bluemix group like this one?

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Tiago Moura (8387) | answered Feb 03 '17, 7:40 a.m.
edited Feb 03 '17, 7:41 a.m.

Hi Sterling,

Bluemix doesn't offers a CLM (DNG/RQM/RTC) solution, it has only a Track & Plan service. This service is a simplified RTC version with no process customization.

The usuall workload to Track & Plan on Bluemix is teams that need a lightweight process and short time to setup SCM, delivery pipeline and runtime enviroments.
Can you use to large teams? Yes, but make sure about the limitations you will found on Bluemix.
Is Bluemix just for quick prototyping? No. I known many people that are running real business solutions all on Bluemix.

If use DNG and RQM fully integrated with RTC is a prereq to your development process you should consider a IBM CLM SaaS offering.

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Feb 02 '17, 4:35 p.m.

I believe that if you want a hosted offering of the full CLM offering (RTC, RQM, DNG, etc), you would get that from CloudOne (soon to be renamed CloudObject) rather than BlueMix.   But I could easily be wrong about that, so all corrections to that statement appreciated (:-).

Sterling Ferguson-II commented Feb 02 '17, 6:18 p.m.

Thanks for replying. 

My question is more of a "anyone mixing these two together" type of question.

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