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How to import time tracking tab in Defect and Task work item types ?

andy V (1313) | asked Feb 02 '17, 6:58 a.m.


I Have a project area with scrum template and I am trying to import the time tracking tab in task and defect work item types as we know that If I select the formal process template for project area then I get "time tracking" tab next to history .
i.e . Task <15:25:25> Help
            Overview Links Approvals History Time Tracking  
But If i go with scrum template 
  i.e          Task <15:27:40> Help
            Overview  Links  Approvals  History
I also try with editor presentation , Its work but only for defect work item.

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Jia jang (4211) | answered Feb 02 '17, 7:43 a.m.

 Hello Andy,If you concern with Scrum template , "Time tracking" is unconfigured , so for that you have to configure it . visit this link and go to  option 4:  To enable time tracking in default and task work items.
After that you should use editor presentation .
there are following operations you have to refer
1) add tab
2) Add section
in "add tab" you have to add "time tracking" with  timesheet entries.

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