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How to avoid frequent timeout (?) issue CRRRW7611W with filter by attribute RRC artifacts?

long TRUONG (365491132) | asked Dec 23 '16, 8:50 p.m.
 We are on RTC/RRC 5.0.2 on Window server 2008 with WAS (now).
We are using filters by attribute (create on and modified on) to collect weekly metrics on 2 RRC PAs (let's say PAS and pPAS) of similar size over 5000 artifacts and almost 8000 artifacts respectively. The first (PAS) is more active with more modified artifacts and newly created ones, the second (pPAS) is almost a legacy PA, with few to none new or modified artifacts weekly.

We always have issues running the filters on pPAS, the retrievals seem to time out when over 10s shown on Firebug reports. The retrievals on pPAS seem to be successful only in very narrow windows of time, and not very frequent. At least once we periodically try to retrieve over 5 days before we get some dispersed successful ones. Below is one, not sure if that is the only type, of the error message

The list of artifacts cannot be displayed.
ID CRRRW7611W  The server was unable to generate the list of artifacts in a reasonable period of time. Try making the filter more specific. For example, specify which artifact types to display, and try to open the list again.

We wonder if there is a way to increase the timeout limit, if there is one. Or if we can get around this somehow. There is same issue very rare (once in a blue moon, can only recall of two such instances) on PAS.

long TRUONG commented Dec 24 '16, 6:58 a.m.

 some how the part below was cut off from original posting:

=================* Test LDAP connection from WAS (console) <o:p> </o:p>

SECJ7340E: Exception raised trying to connect to LDAP server: NamingException: Connection refused: connect

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Cassia Matteo (1412) | answered Jan 19 '17, 4:27 a.m.

Hi Iong

You can use the technote as reference for steps on increasing the

Note: Changing this value to a larger value can have performance impacts on the server as it will allow longer running queries. There are also other possible causes for this error such as problems with the database server. Look at the database server logs and the jts and rm logs to verify if there are errors causing the query to run longer then expected.

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long TRUONG commented Jan 19 '17, 11:31 a.m.

 Thx Cassia

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