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Adding a new value on "Story points" and see it on datawarehouse on "Complexity"

Mathieu Defianas (15942838) | asked Dec 14 '16, 4:12 p.m.
I use RTC 6.0.2. on windows and I use Oracle.
I have added a new value on the default enumeration "Story Points". The new value is "60 pts".
I execute dcc without problem and so datawarehouse is correctly populated.
If I execute a report with report builder on these workitems, I see the workitems with the value 60 pts on the field "Story points".
My problem is that datawarehouse manages an integer attribute linked to "Story Points". This attribute on datawarehouse is named "Complexity". Problem, all default values are correctly changed into integer on the field Complexity but my new custom value is changed by an empty value ;-(
Why ? How can I configure this new value on datawarehouse ?
Thanks for your help.

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Kevin Ramer (4.5k8184200) | answered Dec 14 '16, 4:55 p.m.
edited Dec 14 '16, 4:59 p.m.
This is probably related to the fact that the complexity enumeration is treated "special" by RTC.   If you look at the project XML ( Open the Project in RTC Eclipse, switch the Process Source tab at the bottom ), search for /enumeration and then look for complexity.   You will see things like:

                <enumeration attributeTypeId="complexity" name="complexity">
                    <literal default="true" id="0" name="0 pts"/>
                    <literal id="1" name="1 pt"/>
                    <literal id="2" name="2 pts"/>

The value of id is what is stored for the work item.  When you added a new enumeration value it probably got assigned an id like    <literal id="complexity.literal.lX" name = "MM pts">

Search this site for the means to correct this.    nevermind...

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Mathieu Defianas commented Dec 16 '16, 3:45 a.m.

Thanks a lot.
I have modified my xml. In fact, the "id" must be the integer value !
For example :
    <enumeration attributeTypeId="complexity" name="Complexity">
        <literal id="0" name="0 pts"/>
        <literal id="1" name="1 pt"/>
        <literal id="40" name="40 pts"/>
        <literal id="60" name="60 pts"/>
        <literal id="100" name="100 pts"/>
        <literal default="true" icon="processattachment:/enumeration/unassigned2.gif" id="complexity.literal.l5" name="Unassigned" null="true"/>

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