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Unable to login in RDNG without any error

Salman Shaikh (23412973) | asked Sep 20 '16, 10:49 a.m.
edited Sep 25 '16, 5:57 a.m.
I have moved CLM Server and DB Server from one network to another and after moving i configured DB and LDAP again and after that imported DB in DB Server. After Importing DB i got an error in JTS/admin Page CRJZS5758E

somehow i fixed that error using repo tools re-indexing but now i am unable to login and view tabs (Artifacts , Modules etc) in RDNG Projects. However i can view admin page of Project , RDNG Administration etc.

Please let me know if there is any workaround.

Donald Nong commented Sep 22 '16, 6:28 a.m.

I suggest you contact Support and get the migration process reviewed. Lots of details are missing in the post so it is difficult to say what have gone wrong.

Salman Shaikh commented Sep 25 '16, 7:03 a.m.

I have moved CLM Server and DB Server from 1 network to other Network , Configured all the things like running JTS setup again, DB Configuration, LDAP configuration etc. Once it got stable i just imported db backups,
After importing DB Backup i got error of JFS Indexing in all application and i just executed repotools scripts. After repotools scripts execution all errors are resolved but i faced issue in RDNG Login(As i am just getting disabled button of Login or Register on thr top right) and unable to login and see tabs other than project dashboard.

Donald Nong commented Sep 25 '16, 9:09 p.m.

I'm confused.
1. Why did you run JTS setup before importing the DB?
2. What's the "login" button at the top right? It's the first time I have heard about it.

If it's truly a login issue, double check the security role mappings in JTS and make sure SSO is properly configured between JTS and RDNG (assuming distributed environment).

Still, contacting Support would be your best option.

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