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Build Forge 8.x and Oracle 12c install with Rational Team Concert?

Scott Thompson (234) | asked Sep 09 '16, 12:33 p.m.
 You'd think this would be in the documentation, but it's not.  Can BuildForge 8.x use Oracle 12c as the database connect for it or does it still require 11g like BuildForge 7.1.x used?  

Is 12c really ok to use?
Can you use 64-bit rather than 32-bit?  We tried to install and ran into an error that we needed to downgrade to the 32-bit client.  But we aren't sure that 12c can be used at all. We also aren't sure if the IBM Install client has to be 32-bit also.   Is anyone out there running BF8.x with Oracle 12c in 64-bit?  Are you running on Windows or RedHat 7 or some other variant?  

And last, we're going to be linking Rational Team Concert (Jazz for ticketing and repository) once this is running.  Can this be done as 64-bit or just 32-bit?  We've got RTC up and have tuned it with Oracle as the database.  

--Scott Thompson

Lewis Tsao commented Sep 12 '16, 11:10 a.m.

From memory, the last time I did anything with BF was a very long time ago, you only need 32 bit Oracle client.
32 bit Oracle client can talk to 64bit Oracle server. Don't know if BF works with 12c though.

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Pritesh Patel (12246) | answered Oct 11 '16, 8:40 p.m.
Hi Scott,

As of BF, Oracle 12c Release 1, is the only supported version of Oracle 12. As for the Oracle Instant Client, this still needs to be 32 bit, as pointed out by Lewis. If you haven't already seen the section in the install docs, here is what I was reading:

As for your question, regarding whether to use Oracle 64 bit or 32 bit, I would bear in mind that BF is still a 32 bit app, so you may have to provide the 32bit Oracle libraries for it to function properly. I believe that Oracle may be able to run in 32 bit mode, but you may need to confirm that with Oracle. 

I hope that the above helps. 

Many thanks,

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