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duplicate records appearing when fetching work items through oslc query

Jayesh S (1134) | asked Aug 29 '16, 9:41 p.m.
edited Aug 29 '16, 10:52 p.m.
duplicate records appearing while fetching work items through oslc query
below is the query i am using dcterms:created>\"2013-10-30T06:26:29.514Z\" and  rtc_cm:type =\"defect\" and rtc_ext:com.visteon.porsche.sop in [\"com.visteon.sop.enum.literal.l6\"] &,dcterms:identifier,dcterms:created,rtc_cm:type{dcterms:title},rtc_ext:com.visteon.howfound{dcterms:title},dcterms:title,oslc_cmx:priority{dcterms:title},rtc_cm:plannedFor{dcterms:title},oslc_cm:status{dcterms:title},dcterms:contributor{foaf:name},rtc_ext:com.visteon.dateclosed,rtc_cm:filedAgainst{rtc_cm:hierarchicalName},rtc_ext:com.visteon.rootcause{dcterms:title},rtc_ext:com.visteon.shareable{dcterms:title},rtc_cm:resolution{dcterms:title},dcterms:subject,rtc_ext:com.visteon.porsche.sop{dcterms:title}
when i use 3 values in the "in" list it is working as expected.

Donald Nong commented Aug 29 '16, 11:44 p.m.

I doubt that anyone on this forum can access the same system as you do, so the information is way too limited for others to understand the issue. For example, do all or just some work items appear more than once in the result set? If some, what's the value in the attribute "com.visteon.prosche.sop"? What value(s) does this attribute usually hold?

Jayesh S commented Aug 30 '16, 1:03 a.m.

  Hi Donald 

Thanks for your valuable reply.
I am using oslc query  to fetch work items by filtering type as defect and "com.visteon.prosche.sop" field as some values.
"com.visteon.prosche.sop" is a customized attribute.this is an enumeration list with values as "01_G2_cw622", 
"com.visteon.sop.enum.literal.l6" is the literal id.
the problem is same work items appearing in multiple pages.i e duplicated.
not all only few work items got duplicated.
Please help me to resolve this issue.

Donald Nong commented Aug 30 '16, 1:36 a.m.

So it may not be duplicated. It's probably the results are out of order when you get to the second page and beyond. For example, if you change the condition for "dcterms:created" so that only one page of results is returned, I guess you will not have problems. Then the question is, how did you get to the second page and others?

Jayesh S commented Aug 30 '16, 2:41 a.m.

 The issue occurs only when the records are more than 50 or 100.

So in this case 302 records are there. so duplicate appearing in 3rd or 4th pages (50 records per page).

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