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why Status Code: 403 Forbidden while trying to create workitem using REST API (OSLC)

Aju Samuel Raju (361710) | asked Mar 11 '15, 9:19 a.m.
 I am trying create a workitem in a specific project are in JAZZ server using OSLC API using  "REST Client" Plug in of Firefox.   When POST the URL for creating the  workmitem I got an erro like this

HTTP Status 403 - The user has the roles required to perform this operation, but the permission has been denied because this request might have been forged by a malicious website.
 To prove that this request is not part of a CSRF attack add a new HTTP header with the name 'X-Jazz-CSRF-Prevent' and use the current JSESSIONID value as the value.

I have added the header name :X-Jazz-CSRF-Prevent  and value as the JSESSIONID , (which i got from before authenication with server using the REST Client   URL https://localhost:9443/ccm/whoami.)
But after giving the header name  and value , I am still getting  the status code as  403 Forbidden,

Why is it so.
My system  set up is like this: I have installed the JAZZ team server in an Windows Server 2008 standard  SP1 system. In the  same system I have installed the Eclipse  based RTC Client . 
I  am requesting the  Server  from the REST Client Plugin of Firefox, which is also in the same system.
Is this has any significance in  the problem

Please Help


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Aju Samuel Raju (361710) | answered Mar 12 '15, 6:29 a.m.
edited Mar 12 '15, 6:53 a.m.
I am able to solve the issue,
The Problem was the JSESSIONID,I had given was not the recent one. The Proper JSESSIONID I got from  cookies using the firebug  plugin of the  Firefox browser.

But  now I am getting another  error code, while trying to post URL using the REST Client addon in  Firefox

In the  REST Client
The request is like this for creating a defect work item
Method: POST
Value : E6AC0F6331FC2403A19B77A809558AB4  ( it is the JSession ID I got from the cookies)

415 Unsupported Media Type
error Message is like this

  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <oslc_cm:error xmlns:oslc_cm="">
  3. <oslc_cm:status>415</oslc_cm:status>
  4. <oslc_cm:message>Content type 'text/plain' is not supported.</oslc_cm:message>
  5. </oslc_cm:error>

Vaibhav S commented Oct 16 '19, 5:32 a.m.


On using the Tag X-Jazz-CSRF-Prevent , Postman tells me to use   &#39;X-Jazz-CSRF-Prevent&#39;  Tag instead.

When I use the 2nd Tag Postman says its not a valid Header for Http.

Please let me know your views on this .


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