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Package and deployment definitions for Unix/solaris server installation?

Ulhas Shetty (1316) | asked Aug 05 '16, 9:30 a.m.
I have to setup an end to end build and deployment mechanism for deploying shell scripts and oracle database changes to UNIX/Solaris server.
I was trying to work up with a solution which uses package and deployment definitions for performing the packaging and deployment operations over on this Unix server.
Wanted to know if I am on a right direction. Much of the articles around Package and Deployment definitions (Enterprise Extension) is around z/OS (though it has features for Linux/Unix operations as well).

Also, I was trying to create a Rational build agent for connectivity to this Unix server, but i am not able to establish the connection even with an active bfagent in this Unix server.

Connection test started...
Message: IOException: A " Connection timed out: connect" occurred testing the agent connection.  Check specified host and/or port to correct the problem and retry.  Make sure the host name specified can be seen by the RTC server where the connection is made.  It's also possible the agent is not started or a problem exists in the agent configuration.

It also has a couple of warnings : build engine may not be available AND build agent may not be usable.

Would really appreciate a direction to this deployment work flow. 


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Ulhas Shetty (1316) | answered Aug 09 '16, 7:16 a.m.
Can any of the Jazz admins assist on this query??


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